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Holmes and Watson Is Depressingly Bad, But Why Not Rent It Anyway?

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I grew up with Will Ferrell on Saturday Night Live.  In those ancient times, post-AOL but pre-Google, call it the Ask Jeeves years, Will Ferrell was pretty hilarious.  He yelled and chewed the scenery, something…

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Sci-Fi Western “Prospect” Makes the Most of its Low Budget

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In “Prospect”, necessity is the mother of invention.  Like the early Star Wars movies, it exists in a universe that feels cobbled together out of pieces in bad repair, or at least the part of…

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“The Clovehitch Killer” Marks an Impressively Restrained Horror Debut

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“The Clovehitch Killer” could have been a sort of dumb comedy, and its tale of a 16 year old boy who begins to suspect that his father (the local Boy Scout troupe leader) is an…

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WW2 Zombie Flick “Overlord” Has a Lot of Fun Killing Nazis

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Let’s get the review portion of the review out of the way early; “Overlord” is pretty good, and if you like zombie horror, WW2 flicks, or action-pulp video games like “Wolfenstein”, then you’re going to…

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“Ralph Breaks the Internet” Makes You Wonder: Is the Internet a Fit Place for a Kid’s Movie?

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It really makes you wonder why Disney, ostensibly one of our cultural gatekeepers supposedly providing wholesome, kid-friendly entertainment, chose to make Ralph Breaks the Internet, and not something less potentially morally compromising, like “Ralph Starts a…

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The “Suspiria” Remake Adds a Lot to the Original’s Simple Premise

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First off, if you haven’t seen Dario Argento’s “Suspiria” but have the unmitigated gall to call yourself a fan of horror, then you need to correct yourself before you wreck yourself.  Whether or not you’re…

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In “Halloween” (2018), America Finds Something On Which to Rely

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What, in this era of declining faith in our national institutions, a world in which a 2018 Gallup poll reported that only 5% of the country reported that they had a “great deal” of confidence…

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“Bad Times at the El Royale” is as Ferociously Entertaining as it Is Long

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Anyone could be forgiven for eyeing the 2 hour and 21 minute running time of “Bad Times at the El Royale” and being concerned that the film, a noir set almost entirely in a kitschy…

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“The House with a Clock in its Walls” Shows a Kinder, Gentler, but Still Pretty Scary Eli Roth

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Who, watching the climactic maimings of 2005’s torture-porn classic “Hostel” or the cannibal exploitation of the truly repugnant “The Green Inferno”, indeed, who could possibly have foreseen that the director of those paragons of good…

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