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Brigsby Bear

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BRIGSBY BEAR TELLS A MUDDLED STORY OF FANDOM, KIDNAPPING, AND MUSH. By Joseph Shelton 11/15/17 If you’re as nerdy as me, and I pray you are, then you already know how your favorite TV show or…

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By Joseph Shelton 10/27/17 The zombie movie arena is a busy one, bustling with titles that all jockey for position in an oversaturated market. According to our scientific estimation, aided by a cursory googling and…

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The Dark Tower

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By Joe Shelton 10/27/17 In a Year of Stephen King adaptations, “The Dark Tower” Disappoints As the many-headed serpent that is Hollywood casts around in the shallows for something to make us buy, it will…

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20th Century Women

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4 out of 4 stars By Bayard Lewis Published 4/10/17 The lives of three generations of women are explored in 1979, amid a changing social landscape in Southern California.  Dorothea (Annette Bening) is raising her…

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Patriot’s Day

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Patriot’s Day 3,5 out of 4 stars By Bayard Lewis Published 4/10/17 The bombing during the 2013 Boston Marathon was an event that shook the city to its core, but also created a collective sense…

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Fences 3 out of 4 stars By Bayard Lewis Published 3/26/17 Pittsburgh in the 1950s becomes a potent secondary character in Denzel Washington’s latest acting and directing venture in “Fences”.  Playwright August Wilson places his…

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Jackie 3 out of 4 stars By Bayard Lewis Published 3/12/17 In the days following JFK’s assassination in 1963, America looked to their surrogate mother for guidance on how to process the shock and grief…

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Moonlight 4 out of 4 stars By Bayard Lewis Far removed from cozy neighborhoods and suburbs are the the lives of young blacks and minorities whose daily life is one of survival.  Young Chiron is…

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Manchester By the Sea

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Manchester By the Sea 4 out of 4 stars By Bayard Lewis With Oscar season culminating this month, one of the films up for 6 Academy Awards was sadly missed in the theaters by the…

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